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© 2019 POLONIKA The National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad

Within the program we disseminate knowledge about Polish cultural heritage in Poland and abroad, thus building respect and recognition for Polish achievements, artists, monuments and institutions. We publicize the results of research on the cultural heritage of the multinational and multicultural Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Republic of Poland and the heritage of Polish emigrants. It is important for us to cooperate with cultural institutions, museums, archives, libraries, scientific and research institutions and non-governmental organizations, to exchange experiences and good practices in the various aspects of protection of Polish cultural heritage abroad.

Within the POPULARIZATION  Program we direct our activities at inhabitants of Poland and members of Polish communities abroad and we develop projects intended to raise their awareness of the role of Polish culture as an important element of European and world heritage. Our goal is to build a positive image of Poland and its cultural heritage, including its role as a common element in the countries currently existing on the territories of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Republic of Poland and the countries which were the destinations of Polish emigration and settlement. Therefore, the activities which we undertake both in Poland and abroad are aimed at:

  • increasing the awareness of children, youth and adults of our cultural legacy, by introducing to them the places, structures and people that are important for Polish culture and history,
  • shaping patriotic attitudes through the development of social and civic competences,
  • building a sense of pride and bond with the Homeland.

The projects conducted within the POPULARIZATION Program involve:

  • publishing books, magazines and multimedia publications (the Institute's own publications and co-editing projects),
  • producing films and radio plays,
  • organizing trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops,
  • organizing exhibitions,
  • conducting educational activities.