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© 2019 POLONIKA The National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad

The aim of the program is to protect particularly valuable elements of Polish cultural heritage which remain outside Poland - monuments (historical buildings and structures, cemeteries, parks and gardens, places commemorating historical events or activities of outstanding personalities or institutions) and movable objects (works of art, craftsmanship and applied arts, memorabilia, elements of interior design, architectural details and decorations, tombs and other architectural features, such as wayside shrines or crosses).

In order to preserve the remnants of Polish culture abroad, the Institute’s PROTECTION program also involves projects related to commemorating outstanding people and historic events influencing the course of Polish history. We provide our knowledge and assistance  to institutions and organizations operating in the field of cultural heritage protection abroad and cultural establishments holding collections of works of art and historical objects, archives and libraries .

Projects implemented within the framework of the PROTECTION program involve:

  • selecting objects for restoration,
  • preparing comprehensive, professional documentation, including restoration, architectural, structural and other studies necessary for the proper assessment of the condition of the item and preparing the restoration,
  • conducting restoration and repair projects, including protection, rescue, preventive and archaeological works.

The projects conducted within the program include: