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The Grant Program “Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad - Volunteers 2019”

The program supports social involvement in the protection of the material elements of Polish cultural heritage remaining outside the country. The activities related to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage abroad comprise the sites located on the territories which belonged to the historical Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth up to 1772, but also the material objects created by Polish emigrants in other parts of the world. Co-financing (from PLN 10,000 to PLN 100,000) will enable the organization of volunteer camps, tours, study visits and researches with a view to exploring and protecting the national heritage outside the territory of the contemporary Republic of Poland.

The grants are open to non-governmental organizations, local cultural institutions, churches and religious associations, universities and art schools. While assessing the applications, preference will be given to projects involving cooperation with partners from Poland or the host country (cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, businesses, churches and religious associations, secondary schools, universities). The organizer’s own financial contribution is required to be at least 10%.