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© 2019 POLONIKA The National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad

The aim of the Institute's projects implemented within the RESEARCH Program is to initiate and finance historical and restoration research and to document Polish cultural heritage existing outside the current borders of the Republic of Poland. This applies both to the sites in the eastern territories of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (currently within the borders of the sovereign countries neighboring Poland: Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Moldova) and to the heritage scattered throughout the world, created by waves of political and economic emigration since the fall of the Commonwealth.


This extremely rich heritage has only been explored to a limited extent, and the knowledge concerning many of the places and objects which have been studied so far needs to be expanded and updated.

The projects implemented within this program involve such activities as:

  • documentation, cataloging and digitalization of a wide range of objects: from architectural monuments, cemeteries, industrial history memorabilia, through so-called movable works of art - paintings, sculptures and handicrafts, to libraries and archives,
  • scientific conferences and seminars,
  • publishing and translation projects related to the research,
  • creation of databases and dissemination of research results in the public domain.

The projects conducted within the program include: